Elevators & Parking


There are two passenger elevators serving 10620 Park Road. 

All elevators are designed for efficient operation. In the unlikely event that the elevators become inoperable, please instruct your staff and patients to first use the emergency telephone located inside each elevator cab. The telephones are connected to the 24-hour emergency switchboard. A building engineer or elevator technician will be dispatched immediately to assist you. In addition, there is an emergency bell that may be pushed to alert the building staff of any problems. 


Parking for employees of the 10620 Park Road building is located in the surface parking lot that is adjacent to the Pineville Medical Plaza facility and the smaller lot next to the campus main entrance. Employees are encouraged to park in the spaces furthest from the building to allow maximum parking for the high patient load that the building experiences.  We ask that all practices include parking as a part of their employee handbook and training.  Employees should NOT park in the spaces that are directly in front of the building nor the spaces that are in front of the hospital and the emergency wing of the hospital.  CHS Security reserves the right to enforce this parking policy.